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What’s in a name?

“I need to hireĀ  Transit Van”. The single most common phrase we hear from our customers I suspect.

But what is a Transit Van exactly? The truth is its a make and not a particular size or shape. In fact, the Ford Transit, with all its different specs and sizes comes in thousands of different variations.

Much like we always think of Sellotape or Hoover as a product when its actually a brand name, a Transit van falls into the same category.

We hire lots of different types of van including the popular Ford models but most people when they ask for a Transit mean a short wheel base (SWB) van.

The SWB is our biggest seller. We currently have over 30 of these available to rent. A mixture of Ford, VW and Toyota models. These are all very similar in size and spec.

Internally these vans have around 2.4m of load length in the back. Perfect for a mattress or sofa in most cases. However, if you need something bigger then our Long Wheel Base (LWB) vans offer another 60cm or so of length plus enough room to stand up.

Then its a case of Extra Long (4.3m load length) if you need even more space or the ultimate house moving van – the Luton Box van with tail lift.

Of course, what you really need is a friendly and knowledgeable rental company who know their vans and can help you decide what you need. Luckily you have come to the right place!

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