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Happy new year – exciting times ahead!

So that was 2021.

Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye again and here we are at the start of another year.

And even though the spectre of covid still lingers, there seems to be a lot more hope and excitement around this year and what’s to come.

So it seems a good time to let you know about some exciting plans we have here at 3B Hire.

Firstly the long awaited EV hire club should be ready to launch soon. We were blown away by the level of interest we received at the “Thame Drive Electric” event back in September.

It was clear from that point onwards that this would not be a case of making 1 or 2 vehicles available for the occasional user to collect and return as they need. To make this a success, we realised the need to make sure we have enough vehicles to meet demand, a simple booking platform or process and of course decent local infrastructure to make sure its an easy and enjoyable way of using an occasional car. The latter of these issues is finally on the verge of getting sorted a the local councils begin installing those much needed charge points around the area.

Thankfully we seem to be close now to putting the vehicles in the public domain and pressing go – watch this space for more info soon!

The move last year to our new HQ in Long Crendon marked the ned of 15 years in the lovely village of Haddenham. Whilst we were sad to leave, its helped us plan for the future better, including being able to offer more choice of vehicles – over 120 at last count! We are exited by the prospect of increasing this in 2022 and maybe even adding more sites. Again, stay tuned.

Finally we have been working hard at becoming greener as a company. This includes the move toward electric and greener vehicles, changes in our systems and processes to ensure we cut down on usage and recycle a much larger amount of waste. We even have some new uniform made from recycled plastic bottles! There is a lot more work to be done here so we wont become complacent but we are committed to making big strides in this area.

Plenty there to keep us interested a we enter 2022, and that’s without even talking about the vehicle supply issues that everyone seems to be facing right now. Rest assured we are busy planning ahead and will be here for you for whatever your car, van or minibus needs are this year.

Happy new year all!

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