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Business rentals

Hire regularly? Open a business account and enjoy the following benefits:

30 days interest free invoicing!

No deposits or up front payments!

Tailored pricing and priority availability!

New vehicles that enhance your companies image!

No insurance, maintenance or running costs!

Vehicles of different sizes available when you need them!

Account can be used across all our branches!


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    Open a business credit account with us today!

    No Fee’s

    With 3B you have no minimum rental requirements per month!

    Wide Range

    Your account can be used for all our services, including car, van and minibus rental!

    30 Days to pay

    Interest free billing at the end of your rental

    Friendly Point Of Contact

    You will have a friendly knowledgeable contact who will help manage your account!

    To apply for a business credit account and give your company access to our flexible rental options, please complete the following form in full

    If your application is successful then we will confirm in writing to you

    Credit account application

      Account Number (required)

      By signing this form you agree, to adhere to our terms of credit including payment within 30 days from the date of invoice. You also agree to pay any costs we incur including legal fees, court costs, debt collection costs and interest for any overdue or unpaid debts. You also agree to notify us of any changes in your financial circumstances that may affect your ability to pay.