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A chance for the underdog?

Long Crendon FC v Wycombe Wanderers FC, 15th Feb 2022. Save the date.

Part of being a local business is supporting the local community. Yes, sponsorship is a form of advertising and we all need to market our business to get clients through the door. But sponsorship is about more than just advertising. Its about being part of something that matters a lot to others.

We are very proud to be associated with not one but two local football clubs. Both at very different stages of their history.

Whilst Wycombe Wanderers fans have been able to experience the high’s of championship football lately, albeit hampered considerably by the pandemic, for Long Crendon FC its been a year to remember as they continue to punch above their weight and progress to the quarter final stage of the Berks and Bucks cup where they meet Wycombe.

This is an unbelievably proud moment for us as sponsors of both clubs. Both have welcomed us into the fold as partners and its been nothing but a pleasurable experience. From the marketing staff, right through to the Manger Gareth Ainsworth. I can’t speak highly enough about the warm welcome we have received.

The same can be said for Crendon, from Vice Chairman Gerrald right through to the gaffer Ryan, you have all impressed me immensely with your drive and determination. The club are lucky to have you!

Of course, this competition might not be the priority for Wanderer’s this season but from my experience they never give less than 100% in every game and that philosophy runs right through all the teams from top to bottom.

It goes without saying also that we are delighted to see Crendon here and playing what may well be the biggest game in their history so far. Of course we are impartial, but you cant help but enjoy a good underdog story.

The big winners will be the fans though who get to see not one but two great local teams at fantastic local stadium. For 90 minutes at least, we will forget about sponsorship and marketing and become one of them.

We can’t wait!

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