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Choosing between Diesel & Electric van rental – top tips

Its over a year since we put our first fully electric rental vans on the fleet here at 3B, and its fair to say we have learnt a lot.

Some customers are very nervous of electric, some embrace it, virtually all love it once they have driven one of our Ford e-Transit vans.

So how do you decide if hiring an electric van is right for you or if you should stick to the “safe” option of good old diesel? Here is our top tips:

  1. How far are you travelling? – our vans have a real world range of about 150 miles. We do not expect you to charge the van before return. So if you are travelling less than 150 miles, then it’s a bit of a no-brainer. The saving in fuel alone makes it worthwhile.
  2. Confident driver? – our e-Transit vans have parking sensors, parking cameras, no gears, sat-nav, Bluetooth, air-con all as standard. They are VERY easy to drive. If you are not used to a van or are driving in a city, then they may just relieve some of that stress.
  3. Payload – whilst the size is similar to the Diesel counterpart, its true that the batteries add weight so if you are looking for something to carry more then its a diesel van for you. Roughly a tonne for our diesel vans and a bit less for the electric version.
  4. ULEZ & Emissions – no real difference here. Whilst the electric obviously has no driving emissions whatsoever, all our diesel vans are ULEZ compliant anyway.
  5. Fuelling up – many are nervous of the first time they charge an EV. But they are incredibly simple. Many charge points now accept contactless debit cards so it really is a case of plugging in and swiping a card. Its that simple. Really all you need to consider is how much time you have on your journey and the cost of diesel verses electric.
  6. Give it a go! – we all have to make the switch at some point so a rental vehicle may be a good opportunity to try electric for the first time to see what you think?

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