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We have extensive new hygiene procedures to ensure your safety. Click to find out   more >>>
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The future is now…

Just over 20 year have passed since we opened our doors at 3B Hire.

Back then it was an office on the side of a garage near the M40 Junction 7. We had a different name, very different fleet, and it’s fair to say, a different way of working!

Whilst some changes were inevitable, such as updating the fleet and expanding to better, more modern premises, some changes really did need some thought. Take our processes for example. Gone is the endless paperwork and insurance related document’s. Nowadays we use tablets for our rental software which email not only the rental agreements but also copies of the vehicle checks and pictures of any damage to the customer. This is turn means better record keeping and crucially a better experience for the customer.

Our website has changed much too. Our current system is widely used within the independent rental industry and links directly to our software, checking availability and calculating the latest prices so that the customer knows exactly what they are getting, and unlike some of our bigger national competitors, can be assured the vehicle is actually available! It even links to the trackers in our vehicle’s too.

Gone are the midnight phone calls when clients need help with their car. Our 24/7 support number offers reassurance and peace of mind to customers, whilst allowing us a good nights sleep. Gone too are the late finishes, cleaning and prepping the vehicle’s for the next client the following morning. Actually this does happen occasionally but our full time valeter’s and fleet of over 150 vehicle’s gives us much more flexibility than the past.

The newest addition is our delivery and collection service. This allows hirer’s to book, pay and complete all the documents without ever leaving their home. You can literally book one day and a shiny new car will turn up at your front door the next! All paperless and all incredibly easy.

It’s the future they tell me!

Right now, we have our best choice of vehicle’s ever, including a range of electric cars. With vehicle supply issues continuing, maybe looking at an on-demand alternative, like vehicle rental, is something for you to consider?

All it takes is a few clicks. Not like the old days!

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