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It’s that time of year again

Here we are, another 12 months has rolled round and even December seems to be disappearing before my eyes. Just where has the year gone?

The festive season is a busy time in rental and takes a lot of planning to get right. Our hire car’s are always busy, some pre-booked but most last minute bookings. Those calls we receive on the days leading up to Christmas from families who’s car has decided to break down at the worst possible time always present a challenge that our team love rising to.

Juggling bookings to fit as many customers in as possible whilst trying to mitigate the risk of one accident or unforeseen problem throwing the entire booking calendar out, is always fun.

This year, more than ever we have donated and discounted van rentals to local charities and organisations as everyone in the local communities we base ourselves in rush to help those who need support. Like most businesses, we have felt the pressures of rising prices and so have our communities, so its only right we help where we can. The Wycombe Wanderers Foundation, Haddenham Beer Festivals Trust and Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity, to name but a few.

This year for the first time, we are opening all 3 branches on the 3 working days between Christmas and New Year as well, albeit it only until 1pm. We tend to have lots of vans in stock at this time of year as the various business we supply to close down, so look out for some extra special discounts for van rentals on our social media platforms.

Then of course it’s good old January and a new year to contend with. Just what will 2023 have to offer? We expect similar challenges with vehicle supply, rising prices and everyone feeling the pinch more than ever, but the more we talk to our customers, the more we are optimistic.

The last few years have brought challenges we could not have foreseen and we have met them all head on. Whatever 2023 brings, I am sure we will react the same.

Thank you to all our wonderful team here at 3B for your hard work this year. And Merry Christmas to all our customers, suppliers and associates. Bring on 2023!

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