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EV’s – the time is now!

Car sales have been hit hard lately but the electric car market is seeing growth of no less than 180% year on year!

In fact, EV’s last year accounted for no less than 10% of all car sales last year.

There are several reasons why electric vehicles are a booming market. There is a clear government strategy to transition us all to EV’s over the coming years including the ambitious plans to stop all production of Diesel and Petrol models by 2030. Clean air zone’s will become more commonplace over the coming years alongside huge infrastructure investments and it’s pretty clear to all that electric vehicles are coming, whatever your views on them.

If you have never driven a EV before, perhaps now is the time to give one a try, you can liken your first EV experience to when you had just passed your driving test, got your first car, and freed yourself from the shackles of public transport! Driving an EV will free you from exorbitant fuel costs, maybe congestion charge costs & also helps improve your carbon footprint to contribute to a greener world now and in the future!

Here at 3B we are embracing EV’s. Whilst we have rented hybrid models for a few years now, we added our first fully electric vehicle, the Smart ForFour, last year. This month has seen the new VW ID.3 join the fleet. The VW offers a more traditional petrol car type experience with an impressive range of over 200 miles which removes much of the anxiety drivers have over making the switch.

EVs will also save you money on fuel, for example a VW ID.3 which you can rent from us and a VW Golf, which we also have. (Based on 10k Miles per year)

VW Golf – £1,340     VW ID.3 – £490

This is a massive saving of over £850 a year alone!

So now may just be a good time to dip your toe into the electric vehicle market and see how it could work for you or your business.

Interested? Book via our website now call us to see how we can help.

Oh, and electric vans are on their way too. Stay tuned to find out more!

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