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Our love of travel will live on!

Hands up, who misses travel?

My heart goes out to anyone who works in the travel industry right now.

After a year that none of us will ever forget it must be heart-breaking to see your business just shrink to such an extent, almost overnight. Imagine your customers actually being told to stay away? Actually, we don’t have to imagine. businesses the world over have suffered this past year in the same way.

And for those of us who love travelling, it’s been a year of disruptions, cancellations and disappointment. I love to have at least one holiday in the diary. After all its what we go to work for isn’t it? Sadly, it’s been quite a while since any of us have been able to schedule in that well earned break!

That desire to explore the world has not been dampened though. A recent survey online (Booking.com) suggests that 65% of travellers reported being excited about travelling again and over 60% said they were more appreciative of being able travel and wouldn’t take it for granted again.

Having out freedoms curtailed for several months has simply increased our desire to get out there and experience new things, meet new people and live life to the full.

And even if we have to start closer to home. Hiring a car and exploring the corners of the British Isles that we haven’t seen yet will still bring back some of those feelings you can only get from travelling to new places. With good news on treatments and vaccines in the media again, maybe its time to start planning that next trip? That will to get outdoors has never been greater.

One thing’s for sure. No matter how much our freedoms are restricted, our desire to travel will never be extinguished. We certainly will appreciate it more now than ever!

We offer a wide range of cars and people carriers perfect for that staycation or visiting tourists. Why not contact us to see how we can help you get that special break back in your diary? We can’t wait to hear from you.

If you fancy a discount then check out our twitter page where you will find 20% off all bookings made in January.

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