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Driving a electric car – what we’ve learnt

It has been some time now that we have had electric cars for hire on the fleet.

Plenty of people have tried them but it’s fair to say that they are nowhere near being one of our best sellers – yet!

I mostly drive electric these days and through this experience and from conversations’ with our customers it’s pretty clear why there is still a long journey ahead of EV’s before they become a mainstay of our lives.

It mostly comes down to one thing – fear. If you are driving a petrol or diesel car you know that should you run low on fuel you can quickly and pretty easily fill up. It doesn’t take much thought as we are all so used to the simplicity of it. In fact, I reckon most people run from full to nearly empty between each visit to the pump. The fear of running out of fuel almost doesn’t exist.

With an electric vehicle a different mindset is needed. For starters, you need to train yourself to plug in and top up when you are not driving, as often as you can. You almost never run to empty, ever. If you can get that change in mindset (and if you have the infrastructure available to do so) then it becomes a lot easier to live with an EV.

The fear of running out of charge, along with the time needed to re-charge is what makes people hesitant in my experience. The plus side is that most people are blown away with just how easy EV’s are to drive.

With an increasing number of employers installing charging stations at places of work it is defiantly becoming easier to integrate an EV into your life. And I genuinely believe that over the next couple of years you will see a big increase in the range of electric vehicles and a big decrease in the time it takes to charge.

We have all seen the volatility of petrol prices over the last year and so I’m convinced going Electric can makes sense, before you even consider the future of our planet. Its really just a case of making our self get used to them.

Why not come and try one out?

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