We have extensive new hygiene procedures to ensure your safety. Click to find out   more >>>
Call 01844 291430
We have extensive new hygiene procedures to ensure your safety. Click to find out   more >>>
Call 01844 291430

Strange times we live in!



Since day one its been a priority of ours to ensure our vehicles are some of the cleanest and best presented anywhere.

Even back in 2002 when we were hiring out old shape Toyota Corolla’s and Transit vans that, shall we say, had seen better days! The one thing we could always take on (and beat) the big name rental companies at was the condition of our vehicles.

Never in a million years did I think that hygiene and cleanliness would become not only a matter of pride, but a matter of life or death.

Like every business since this pandemic began, we have had to adjust and rethink our procedures. We were always exemplary in our cleaning regime anyway but now we have upped our game a few levels to ensure our customers and staff are as safe as could be.

From masks and gloves to anti-bacterial cleaning before and after each hire – we have an extensive regime that should give everyone peace of mind. It’s not just the vehicles either. The offices are cleaned daily, credit card terminals wiped after each use along with pens, clipboards etc. We follow all the industry advice and guidance to make sure we do not spread any germs and operate in a safe environment.

With a trend expected away from public transport and into motor vehicles over coming months, if you had any doubts about renting you can rest assured that you are perfectly safe. Most rental companies I know are following similar strict regimes meaning that your rental car has never been so safe.
I really hope this phase passes soon and we can get back to some normality but its clear to me that hygiene is going to become a bigger part of our lives. We will all have to make adjustments to how we live in the coming months, but you can rest assured your local rental company will be right by your side supporting you as best they can.

Stay safe everyone and we will see you on the other side!


(owner – 3B Vehicle Hire)

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