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Making a small difference

Its been just over 3 years now since we responded to an appeal from the Florence Nightingale Hospice charity for a van.

At the time they had a van that they used for furniture deliveries spectacularly fail its MOT and needed help in funding a replacement.

I’ve always wanted to be in a position as a business owner to do some good and make a difference in some small way, and this felt like the perfect opportunity. But what I didn’t realise is just how much the van is an integral part of their efforts to raise vital funds for the hospice.

Whilst we all hope we will never need that kind of end of life care, its great charities up and down the country that are there for you and your family, in your hour of need. Florence Nightingale is a perfect example of this.

And after 3 years of supplying them, free of charge, with the use of a tail lift van we have come to appreciate how important the work it (and its amazing staff and volunteers) is to the charity.

Here’s some stats to prove it:

From April 21 to December 21 alone, the van carried out 465 collections and 345 deliveries of furniture, white good and other items. In fact, it carries out an average of 9 jobs every day!

This generates about £1500 every day in donated stock plus an additional £100 of delivery fee’s.

All in all, a very important part of the fundraising effort the charity undergoes every single day.

So a simple gift for us to give, really does go a long way to help others in need. That makes us feel pretty good!

By the way, Florence Nightingale are always looking for more companies to get involved with them. We highly recommend it, not just for the warm feeling it gives you, but for raising your profile in the local community too!

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